Beyond Credentials: What the GreenLight + Follett Partnership Means for Campuses  

April 03, 2024

By Kevin Witt, Head of Growth – New Technologies, Follett Higher Education

From applying to colleges and universities to securing a first job or internship, students are faced with a series of critical transitions along the academic journey that define their path to achievement. Every roadblock that stands in their way decreases the likelihood of their success. In fact, it’s often these transitional moments between each milestone that can prove most overwhelming and deter students from progressing.

Nearly 70% of students in a recent nationwide survey said they feel somewhat (54%) or very (14%) stressed or anxious about entering the workforce. So, how do you make these transitions as seamless as possible? 

In 2023, Follett partnered with GreenLight to bridge the gaps between students, high schools, colleges, and employers to further support each milestone of the student journey. The collaboration makes it easier for students to control their academic records and engage with college recruiters and prospective employers—helping to strengthen career outcomes. Industry leaders are recognizing the significant potential impacts of this partnership: Follett and GreenLight were recently awarded a Best in Education award from the EdTech Chronicle for Best M&A Deal in Higher Education. 

If you missed our partnership announcement last year—here’s a quick overview of what our partners get with GreenLight: 

  • A One-of-a-Kind Integrated Network: GreenLight is about more than just credentials; its network connects high schools, colleges/universities, and employers to ensure a seamless student transition from education to career. 
  • A Convenient, Secure Platform that Empowers Students: GreenLight gives students full autonomy over their academic records. It’s a secure place for vital information, from transcripts to resumes to recommendation letters, all in one digital locker system.  
  • A Wide-Reach: More than 3,000 colleges use GreenLight’s platform, with 3 million digital lockers in use. Over 500 certified employers offer internships and work studies for students to explore. 

Bottom line: GreenLight makes navigating the difficult transitions between high school, post-secondary education, and careers more student-focused and inclusive–while also boosting college enrollment

So, why GreenLight and Follett? Follett has always been committed to student success, from making textbooks more affordable to leveling the playing field with Inclusive and Equitable Access programs. GreenLight is the natural progression of this mission to make it easier for our campus partners to support the whole student. 

  • We want to remove barriers to education. GreenLight connects students, employers, and colleges so every student can more easily access postsecondary opportunities regardless of their economic situation. 
  • We’re committed to improving student outcomes. GreenLight’s mission is perfectly aligned to the goals of Follett and our campus partners: to help schools retain and engage students and make it easier for them to successfully navigate the academic journey.  
  • We love seeing how accessible, sophisticated technology can make a difference in the lives of students.  

Hear what others are saying about GreenLight!    

K-12 DISTRICT STAFF: As a district, GreenLight is a valuable tool from high school to college and beyond in providing the opportunity to keep documents in one central location. As we enter the end of a school year, students receive awards like perfect attendance, outstanding math student, etc. GreenLight Credentials allow students to have those documents uploaded into their ‘digital locker.’ It’s like a time capsule that continues to grow each year.”  – Tieraney Beall, Dual Credit Counselor, Longview High School College, and Career Center  

PARENTS: “As a parent of a graduating senior, It gives me a lot of reassurance knowing that my daughter will have everything that she needs to take control of her educational journey starting with attending Hampton University in the fall.”  – Cornelia McCowan, Grand Prairie ISD Parent  

HIGHER ED LEADERS: “We began working with GreenLight Credentials when we were trying to enroll students whose last institution had closed, and they had no way to get their transcript and prove they’d completed courses or earned credentials. To allow something so small to throw someone’s life off course is simply unacceptable. GreenLight and Follett joining forces…can have a tremendous impact.”  Dr. Justin H. Lonon, Chancellor, Dallas College 

By making it easier than ever for students to manage their academic records and connect with career opportunities, the GreenLight-Follett partnership is breaking down barriers to higher education. This collaboration ensures that all students, regardless of their background, can confidently navigate their academic journeys and access the tools and support they need. Together, we’re bridging the gap between academia and the workforce, empowering students to reach their full potential and step into successful careers. 

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