Financial Aid

Help your students secure the course materials, technology, and resources needed to be successful, so they can focus on what matters most: learning.

Ensure a successful start

Millions of students rely on financial aid for higher education. Ensure they can access the learning materials, tech, and supplies they need to succeed by offering seamless financial aid integrations through your campus store.


of students receive some form of financial aid, according to the National Center for Education Statistics


of students use financial aid to cover the cost of course materials, according to Student Watch


campuses use Follett’s online Financial Aid Program

Convenient, flexible, and secure

Seamless Access to Financial Aid Funds

Our customized Financial Aid solutions let your students seamlessly purchase course materials in-store or online – all with immediate deductions from their financial aid accounts. Students get the convenience of shopping in store or online and email reminders of available funds so they can start shopping sooner. Your campus gets all the benefits of our top-tier integrations, including dedicated support, centralized hosting, and accurate reporting.

Powerful Communications to Keep Students Informed

With Follett’s end-to-end communications program, we create the messaging, develop a campus store branded email, and deploy the program on behalf of your campus — at no cost to you. We handle all the heavy lifting, including data management, opt-out lists and email designs, so students stay informed. Subscription to this email program is not required and students can opt out at any time.

Frequently asked questions

Learn more about Follett’s Financial Aid programs

How does the Follett Financial Aid program work?
Follett can provide credit for any number of funding programs at your campus – Financial Aid, Athletic Scholarship, Vocational Rehabilitation, Veteran’s Affairs, Corporate Sponsorships, Continuing Education Programs and more. With a simple file load, your campus can make funds available to use in the store and online within minutes. In addition, sales transactions can be provided back to your campus.
What is the online experience for students using Financial Aid?
During the checkout process, your students can authenticate to view their available accounts, credit limit, and expiration dates as provided by your campus. Credit limits may be hidden from view per your campus preference. If restricted items are in the shopping cart, the student is prompted to pay for those items with another form of payment so they can seamlessly complete their order. Students can check their Financial Aid availability at any time in the My Account feature. Follett can tailor our systems to accommodate the security requests of your campus. As part of the file, your campus may provide a unique PIN or code that students will be required to submit before accessing their financial aid during online checkout.  
Why collaborate with Follett on a campus-wide communications program?
Follett’s Financial Aid Messaging Program puts effective communication front and center. We’ll develop an email that’s branded to your campus store and deploy the program on behalf of your campus — all at no cost to you. We handle all the heavy lifting, including data management, opt-out lists and email designs. The data populated in the email comes directly from the financial aid file that your IT administrator is already providing the campus bookstore. All you need to add to the file are the student email addresses. It’s that easy!