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Follett Higher Education and GreenLight Credentials Partner to Support Postsecondary Equity and Attainment

May 17, 2023

WESTCHESTER, IL, May 17, 2023 – Follett Higher Education, North America’s largest campus retailer, today announced a strategic partnership with GreenLight Credentials, the premier verified educational credentials blockchain platform. The partnership will help strengthen the college enrollment and career outcomes pipeline by making it easier for students to control their academic records and engage with college recruiters and prospective employers.

“Our exclusive partnership with GreenLight Credentials will further Follett’s work to support more equity and affordability in higher education, thereby increasing recruitment, retention, and completion,” said Ryan Petersen, President of Follett Higher Education. “We want to remove cost barriers and make it possible for every student to access postsecondary opportunities regardless of their economic situation – and our work in this space isn’t limited to course materials affordability. We recognize how important it is to empower students to control and manage their own transcripts and credentials so they can pursue future academic and job opportunities.”

GreenLight Credentials serves as a single place for students to own and manage their credentials and academic records from secondary and postsecondary institutions, and securely share verified digital transcripts with colleges, universities, and employers. The platform also offers a simpler way for colleges to engage high school students based on their academic interests and transcripts, helping to reduce recruitment spending and boost postsecondary enrollment.

Manoj Kutty, CEO of GreenLight Credentials, said, “Our model grants students the ability to safely and securely build a lifelong educational record that supports their academic and career goals. This partnership will reduce administrative burdens for schools and level the playing field for students, and we’re excited to partner with a mission-driven company like Follet Higher Education to equip students with the tools they need to thrive academically and beyond.”

As part of this partnership, the GreenLight Credentials platform is now available to Follett Higher Education institutional partners and will launch with many of Follett’s equitable access programs this fall. Follett Higher Education is now a minority equity holder of GreenLight Credentials and the platform’s exclusive higher education retail partner. Follett and GreenLight Credentials will also endeavor to make the platform free-of-charge to the K-12 districts that drive enrollment to Follett higher education institutions that elect to utilize the GreenLight Credentials platform.

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About Follett Corporation

Follett Higher Education is a leading educational service provider and omnichannel retailer providing students, faculty and staff, parents, and fans the course materials, learning tools and retail services needed to successfully support the academic, athletic, and collegiate journey. Follett Higher Education supports over 6 million students through its 1,100 physical and 1,750 eCommerce collegiate retail stores across North America.

About GreenLight Credentials

GreenLight’s mission is to accelerate educational and career opportunities by simplifying the college admission process and opening more doors for learning and employment. GreenLight is the world’s largest blockchain-secured ledger of verified life-long learning records and related credentials. Through our technology, GreenLight Credentials empowers individuals to control their digital credentials, deepening trust among users, high schools, colleges, employers and others, while improving outcomes and unlocking value for all.