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Academic Leaders

We’re entrusted with the success of students at over 1,000 campuses. To achieve their academic dreams, students need convenient, affordable access to course materials paired with technology that makes it easy to get right to what matters most: learning.

Your academic goals are our top priority

Improve Outcomes with Affordable Access

By prioritizing digital-first course materials, your campus provides a collegiate experience that’s equitable, affordable, and convenient. Research suggests that Access improve academic performance and increase completion rates for participating students, particularly those in underserved groups.

We’ve helped launch and evolve Inclusive and Equitable Access programs at hundreds of campuses to improve convenience and affordability for students while ensuring faculty retain academic freedom.

Solutions for Every Campus, Every Class

Effortless learning access is mission critical. That means supporting convenience and accessibility across every part of the course materials journey and across every format: print, digital, rental, used, and OER. We’re experts in designing a program that meets the unique needs of your campus. Our goal: to make course materials simpler for everyone–from selection and adoption by faculty to purchase, delivery, and access by students.

Your Partner for Every Stage of the Academic Journey 

We’re here to build the best solution for your students and faculty—and that doesn’t stop at course materials. From the moment a prospective student sets foot on campus, Follett helps ensure they have the tools they need to succeed.

Access is a critical value that creates trust and inspires community. The students that receive affordable access to technology and materials through seamless integrations and a thriving campus store become the graduates who carry forward the traditions and spirit of your institution.

“As a result of Follett Access and other…programs, our retention rate rose by three percent after the first year. ”
Dr. Kent Smith
President, Langston University

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