General Shipment Routing Instructions

Follett Retail Stores - Canada
All Canadian Retail Locations
General Instructions
Failure to follow routing instructions can result in all shipping charges being charged back. Under no circumstance will Follett accept line items charges on product invoicing for Handling/Shipping/Transportation.
For a complete list of Follett Retail Stores in Canada please contact the Follett Logistics Department at

If Follett is paying transportation charges the following carriers must be used:

Ground Shipments
Standard Service Requirements for shipments originating within Canada:
Shipments Under 250 lbs
Ship via Purolator billing Collect

Shipments Over 250 lbs
Ship via: Day & Ross (866) 329-7677 /

Standard Shipping Requirements for shipments originating from the U.S.

Non-expedited orders up to 500 lbs ship third party via UPS Worldwide Expedited billing Third Party to 66V026. Please include the Purchase Order number in the Reference Field.

Non-expedited orders over 500 lbs ship:
ABF Freight (800) 610-5544
Charges incurred for use of non-approved carriers will be charged back to shipper in full.
Shipments must be tendered to carrier as discrete shipments on pallets.
Bills of lading must indicate carton count and Order Number.
Shipments over 10,000 Lbs. must be arranged by calling 1-888-618-7447.


Address all bills of lading to the consignee.
Mark all bills lading COLLECT with a
BILL TO OR REMIT TO address of:

c/o StrategIQ Commerce
549 W Randolph St / FL3
Chicago, IL 60661
"CALL BEFORE DELIVERY" and Purchase Order Number on all bills of lading.

Air Shipments
Expedited Service Requirements for shipments originating outside of Canada
Expedited Shipments Under 250 lbs
Ship via UPS Worldwide Express billing all charges Third Party to 66V026 (fourth digit is the number zero).
Please include the Purchase Order number in the Reference Field.

Over 200 Lbs.

Requests for air service over 200 Lbs. must be authorized by calling 1-888-618-7447.

Please contact the Logistics Department at (708) 884-1656 or if you should have any questions or require additional assistance with regard to these instructions.
Customs Brokers
For all shipments originating outside of the United States the official customs broker of the Follett Higher Education Group is FedEx Trade Networks (FTN). The broker must be declared on Commercial Invoices and all other required documentation as:
FedEx Trade Networks
Account number: 51661

Logistics Department
Tel: (708) 884-1656
Delivery Notes
Please be advised there are Follett bookstores operating outside of standard LTL routing instructions. For a complete list of Follett's Canadian bookstores with exceptions noted please contact the Logistics Department at / (708) 884-1656.
Effective 04/01/2021 through 03/31/2022