POS & Inventory Management

Follett offers a collection of comprehensive systems designed specifically for the campus store to help you control inventory, track sales profitability, capture crucial data and expedite the customer checkout process. Solutions can be scaled and customized according to your needs - including single store or multiple store districts serving a single campus or multiple campuses.

Powering these offerings, Follett has established alliances with three leading customer service and retail management systems:

RATEX™ Business Solutions
RATEX, a point-of-sale and inventory management solutions provider, integrates your store's operations, including retail accounting, EDI and point-of-sale, into one system.

ComputerWorks' Booklog
Booklog is a Windows® based point-of-sale and inventory management solution that interfaces with Follett's CourseWorks® to enhance flexible processing options - maximizing your data analysis capabilities and performance. Solutions include point-of-sale cash register, mail orders functionality, purchasing, returns, direct mail distribution and customer tracking and history.

CourseWorks® is a Windows® based product that allows you to view and analyze fundamental information while streamlining each stage of your course materials cycle. Features include:

  • More efficient data entry and better utilization of information. It enables you to transfer course schedules from term to term with or without prior adoptions.
  • Mail orders functionality
  • "Receive all" functionality that also supports receiving by exception.
  • Roll-through edit functions, like adoption maintenance, editing suggested returns and entry or override of inventory counts
  • Flexible reporting that can span over several academic terms, giving a broader and more in-depth analysis for any period or point in time
  • Option for wantlist consolidation to a single purchase order or pack and hold shipment

Beyond traditional textbooks, CourseWorks supports everything from digital content to dissection kits and safety goggles. The system also supports the creation of sets, kits and course packs with the ability to add costs like royalty and copy services into retail price calculations or designate whether a set or component can be purchased as a separate item.