Buyback Services

Having the right assortment of used books is an important part of your business. Not only do they generate higher margins for your store, but they present an affordable option to your campus customers. Follett supports more book buybacks than anyone in the industry - more than 3,000 each year. Throughout our 140 years, we've developed a variety of services to meet the specific inventory needs of your location.

Follett provides professional, trained buyers to support your buyback on your schedule. Our staff interacts directly with your customers, treating them with the same respect and integrity that you expect.

Buyback is a robust program that simplifies inventory acquisition through:
  • Advanced buyback funding on request
  • Computer equipment and software to help you run the most efficient buyback possible
  • Our guaranteed pricing assures the greatest financial return
  • Creation of custom buyback programs and local incentives
  • Faculty adoption incentive programs
  • A spectrum of marketing materials to support your events including support across all media types such as banners, postcards, handouts and posters