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Follett Launches Book Orders for the Classroom

‘Follett Book eFairs’ designed to bring more books to classrooms, students

MCHENRY, IL, Nov 7, 2019 – Two years after introducing its book fair business, Follett is launching Follett Book eFairs, an innovative approach to reimagining the classroom book ordering process.

Follett Book eFairs allow teachers to create an online book order in less than five minutes, make custom recommendations for students, and easily communicate with parents. Significantly, eFairs also will streamline the payment process by eliminating the need for teachers to handle cash or checks and paper order forms.

“I was eager to be one of the first pilot teachers because I knew that Follett designed eFairs with teachers in mind,” said Todd Flory, a fourth-grade teacher in Andover, Kan. “I saw for myself how Follett took suggestions and feedback from educators seriously, resulting in a literacy platform that was simple and intuitive for teachers, students and parents. The overall experience is very hassle-free and simple.”

Just like with Follett Book Fairs – launched in the fall of 2017 – Follett is working with more than 6,000 publishers to bring the best content, variety and quality of titles to teachers and students. In addition, teachers can customize their eFair with the ability to add or remove books and suggest titles that fit the needs of their classroom, all facts not lost on Jennifer Mayberry, a fourth-grade teacher in Simpsonville, S.C.

“Follett Book eFairs are not only easy to implement but they offer quality literature. There were many award-winning books and popular children’s authors represented in the curation,” Mayberry said. “I also liked how the books were organized by genre so students could easily find books that interested them. And I loved being able to make recommendations to students and families online – overall such a great experience.”

Moreover, Follett Book eFairs uses a straightforward, easy-to-understand reward system. Rather than converting confusing points, each teacher earns 50 percent back from student purchases in the Follett Rewards Store, which gives teachers an additional source of funding to expand their classroom library and provide students with greater access to books. For example, for every $10 spent by parents, teachers earn $5 to spend in Follett’s rewards store.

“This is an opportunity to extend the Follett Book Fairs brand and reform the book-ordering process for teachers who may be fatigued with their other options,” said Britten Follett, executive vice president, Follett School Solutions. “With our eFairs, teachers will have an opportunity to spark student interest in reading, link titles with lesson plans, earn generous rewards, and provide additional books for the classroom.”

Teachers who would like to participate in a Follett Book eFair for the classroom can simply register at or visit to learn more. For those who sign up for an eFair prior to Dec. 31, they will receive an additional $25 in rewards.

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