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Follett, Trevlac Computer Services Ltd. Partner to Accelerate Entry of Aspen SIS into Ontario, Canada K-12 Market

MCHENRY, ILL., Nov 9, 2017Follett, which earlier this year announced it will enter the Ontario, Canada K-12 market with its Aspen Student Information System (SIS), revealed today it is partnering with Trevlac Computer Services Ltd., one of Canada’s leading software development companies for schools and school districts. The partnership is a critical element of the development effort to localize Follett’s Aspen for Ontario.

As part of the agreement, Follett will be leveraging Trevlac’s OnSIS solution to generate the appropriate files required for the Ontario provincial reporting system. Moreover, Trevlac staff will consult with the Aspen development team to expedite the process.

“This allows us to accelerate our development effort to localize Aspen for Ontario,” said Nader Qaimari, President, Follett School Solutions. “We know that Trevlac brings a wealth of experience and has a positive reputation in serving the Ontario education community. This is a great opportunity for Follett to gain incredible insight into the OnSIS reporting process, and to ensure compliance with all mandatory reporting requirements, which will be of utmost importance to our customers.”

Since 1973, Trevlac has been providing computer services or software to schools across Canada and elsewhere in the world. Its software – including its release in June 2016 of the Trevlac Online Student Management (TOSM) system – is adaptable and customizable to any school environment, which allows users to “move with the times” without having to change products.

An existing Windsor, Ontario-based customer applauds Trevlac for its ability to manage its data efficiently and effectively.

“We have been proud of our track record for completing OnSIS prior to the Ministry due dates,” said Shelley Hudson, Information and Innovation Services Supervisor, Greater Essex County District School Board. “There are two reasons behind our success – first, dedicated staff and second, our Trevlac Student Management System. The Trevlac staff understands the requirements and works with the Ministry and our OnSIS team to deliver a streamlined system so all data submitted to OnSIS comes from one upload file.”

Aspen is a 21st century SIS that offers a mobile-friendly, one-stop application for teachers, administrators and school community. Aspen’s features go well beyond the functionality of the legacy systems currently available to the Ontario community.

“We look forward to assisting Follett to specifically tailor its Aspen product to the Ontario market using our expertise that has successfully assisted schools and Boards when using the OnSIS system,” said Peter Calvert, President, Trevlac Computer Services Ltd. “We have been working with the Ontario Ministry of Education for many years, well before the inception of OnSIS, and we have participated in the OnSIS development.”

Since 2014, Aspen has powered the provincially hosted student information system known as MyEducation BC (video), serving more than 600,000 students and over 40,000 educators in British Columbia.

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