5 Charitable Partners to Watch in 2024

November 08, 2023

Follett is proud to support the whole student—and that means teaming up with impactful, mission-driven organizations in higher education to find new ways to empower, support, and advocate for students in collaboration with our campus partners.

Who’s making a striking impact for young adults across the US and beyond? Check out our newest non-profit partnerships to learn what’s in store in the coming months:


    The JED Foundation strives to promote mental health and the prevention of substance misuse and suicide among teens and young adults.

    JED develops its programs to meet the needs of students everywhere, equipping them to navigate mental health challenges, and developing community support and the important recognition of mental health. Their team aims to equip students as individuals, strengthen systems on campuses, and in turn create an inclusive community of care.

    Follett’s collaboration with The JED Foundation is fueled by a shared commitment to mental health, especially within the higher education space. We’re proud to have donated $25,000 to bolster mental health initiatives for students of color, as well as fundraise through point-of-sale donations, and distribute vital information through store signage and orientation materials.

    Looking to the future, we aim to help schools elevate mental health awareness in campus stores and online. As higher education evolves, we want to ensure students will consistently have a reliable pathway to mental health resources through our partners at The JED Foundation.       

    Bloom India provides scholarships for underprivileged children to have access to high-quality education in India.

    After 10 years of working in advocacy for women and children at risk of sex trafficking and slavery in India, Dennis Matthew and his team recognized education as a pivotal element to breaking the cycle of poverty, injustice, and social discrimination in the country. Bloom India continues to work to not only establish exceptional academies but also provide students with the tools to become the leaders of tomorrow.

    We are honored to support Bloom India’s mission to provide quality education and development opportunities to those in need, an initiative close to the heart of Follett’s CEO, Emmanuel Kolady. Through donations and sponsorships, we aim to enhance the narrative of Bloom India’s programs, fostering connections that support and empower students from India in their pursuit of academic excellence, including those aspiring to expand their horizons on U.S. campuses.    

    Legacy Youth Leadership offers free youth leadership and mentoring programs for time management, financial planning, and advocacy to equip young adults with the skills to achieve their academic goals and make an impact on their communities.

    Founded in 2016, Legacy Youth Leadership strives to inspire the next generation of young humanitarians.

    Follett has partnered with Legacy Youth Leadership to further our commitment to making higher education more accessible for all students. Our joint efforts have already led to some great outcomes: over 2,800 students gained access to mental health services and 950 colleges drove awareness about mentorship opportunities via campus store signage.  

    We look forward to helping further Legacy Youth Leadership’s reach through seasonal awareness campaigns, connecting more students to Legacy’s programs and fostering a new generation of leaders.


    College Possible provides access and success programs to support students from underrepresented communities on their path to and through higher education.

    Founded in 2000, College Possible programs offer “near-peer” coaches, a 6-year support cycle starting their junior year of high school, and a robust curriculum to help students navigate the most common obstacles to college acceptance and completing their degree, all free of charge.
    Through individualized and tech-supported programs, College Possible helps students surpass each hurdle to fund their education and earn their degree.

    Follett has united with College Possible, guided by a shared mission to improve educational access. In addition to our initial donation, we partnered with several HBCUs to create a T-shirt for Juneteenth and donated part of the proceeds to College Possible. Through press releases, targeted emails, and strategic social media engagement, we aim to raise awareness and support for College Possible’s mission, ensuring our partnership not only thrives but also significantly contributes to the success of underserved and first-generation college students.

    The World Literacy Foundation launched this taskforce in 2022 to end the illiteracy of 12 to 19-year-olds in 10 underserved cities in the USA and 40 other cities across the globe by 2030.

    Their programs offer children books and educational resources, including contemporary technology, e-books, and digital activities to support children in remote communities, spread advocacy across the world, and involve parents in mentoring programs to help them best support their child in reading at home.

    Follett is honored to support the World Literacy Taskforce’s impactful work in eradicating global illiteracy. Our partnership has enabled key developments, including vital contributions to the World Literacy Summit and a UN declaration aimed at literacy advancement. With a $25,000 contribution from Follett, literacy pilot programs are launching in Boston, New York, and Dallas with unplanned expansion to 10 cities by 2030. Our goal is not just enhancing literacy but fostering a foundation for lifelong learning and success.

  6. We are proud to partner with such incredible non-profits; each employing their innovative methods and unique skills to bring support and access to young adults on the road to higher education, and as a result, influencing their lives after school.

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