Access. Engagement. Outcomes. Affordability.
Follett's includED program is a groundbreaking initiative that delivers all required course materials, print, digital and supplies to students as part of their tuition or fees. It's a simple idea that delivers tremendous benefits for students, faculty, administrators, and publisher partners.
includED is the perfect union of publishers, schools, faculty and Follett - coming together to foster student success.
Working together through the includED program presents a unique proposition for students, faculty, administrators and our mutual publisher partners, allowing each to focus on what it does best in order to deliver tremendous benefits for all.
includED has been implemented in all segments of academia - including K-12, two-year institutions, public and private universities, and for online learning and graduate programs. The diversity of the institutions participating in includED is a testament to its flexibility and scalability, which is made possible by structuring the program with two distinct models:

In this model, the includED program delivers all required course materials for a single class or section. This approach allows institutions to target their implementation of the includED program towards specific course sections in order to drive efficiencies in delivery of required course materials, and to add entire courses to the includED program as desired.

In this model, the includED program delivers all required course materials on an individual student basis, regardless of the classes they are enrolled in. This model is fully scalable and can be implemented in order to deliver the includED program across an entire institution, department or cohort.