Smart for Your Students
Follett is committed to helping your students come to class prepared - with convenient access to everything they need to succeed.
Affordable Course Materials

Thanks to the breadth of our partners and unmatched publisher relationships, we provide a complete inventory of affordable course material options.


Our network of 7,000+ publishers ensures access to the latest print and digital course materials.


Used materials save students up to 25% off the price of new. Follett maintains the industry's largest inventory of used books with more than 100,000 titles and over 2 million books.


First introduced to the industry by Follett, rental books provide savings up to 50% off the price of new. With our rental program, students have access to over 90,000 rental titles and a hassle-free return process.


With schools' growing transition to digital materials, Follett has built an extensive digital library that is expanding daily as publishers make more digital books available.

Buyback Solutions

At the end of each term, Follett buys back used books at competitive prices. We provide several buyback options, including online and onsite, and will help you tailor a program to fit your institution's needs.

A Complete E-Commerce Solution

Our virtual campus provides students and parents with a time-saving one-stop-shop experience.

Visually appealing

Customized to your school, our virtual sites feature a clean, easy-to-navigate user interface.

One-stop shop

Parents and students can purchase school supplies and technology equipment along with their course materials.

Best-in-class technology

Powered by the latest technology from IBM, our sites are optimized for smart phones and tablets and feature intuitive navigation to reduce search and purchase times.

Keeping Students Connected

We help you provide students with the latest educational learning tools.

provides required course materials directly to students as part of their tuition and fees. This translates into a reduced cost burden and students who are fully prepared to learn on day one of class.
Digital Textbooks
represent the future of course materials, and getting the content to your students is easy with Follett as your partner. We make ordering, downloading and usage of digital course materials a breeze.
is our proprietary digital textbook platform that delivers a rich library of titles, and enables students access to their digital content, both on- and off-line. Students can highlight text, take notes, and collaborate all from one interface.
It's time to get Follett smart.
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