Smart for Your Institution
We are dedicated to delivering innovative solutions, superior service and maximum revenue for higher education institutions.

Financial stability

The strongest balance sheet in the industry fuels deep and strategic investments in technology and retailing.

Comprehensive course materials

Access all of the traditional texts, plus the best of digital and emerging technologies.

Proven record of superior customer service

Customer service is one of the top reasons schools choose Follett, and stay with Follett.

Unrivaled network

We maintain deep and long-lasting relationships with more than 7,000 publishers.

Total e-commerce

Built with best-in-class technology, Follett Virtual Solutions websites feature all the course materials, study kits and lab equipment students need for the classroom. They are also students' one-stop campus shop for general merchandise.

You can offer students everything from paper and pens, to touch-screen tablets, to great-looking school apparel.

When You Choose Follett You Get

A virtual store website

utilizing the latest technology, providing your faculty and students with a cutting-edge user experience - customized to your institution.

A streamlined, online material

adoption process that enables your faculty to seamlessly research and review the vast digital and print resources available.

A host of solutions to choose from

to provide the right payment and course material access options for your students.

We Guarantee

Improved ROI and operating efficiencies

Superior customer service and privacy protection

Seamless implementation and integration, with dynamic reporting tools

Dedicated Follett account management and customer service teams

It's time to get Follett smart.
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