When you include all course materials up front, students are prepared from day one.

Follett's groundbreaking includED program delivers all required course materials - both print and digital - to students as part of their tuition and fees. By ensuring students gain access to their course materials, includED drives engagement and leads to better outcomes.

includED Benefits Everyone


  • are prepared with all materials on day one
  • worry less about their materials budget
  • don't have to spend time shopping for the best deals on materials
  • can more easily apply financial aid and scholarships
  • enjoy easy access and better organization of digital resources


  • choose the best materials without worrying about costs to students
  • teach with confidence that all students are equipped to succeed
  • don't have to be the digital materials "tech support" help desk


  • address concerns about rising costs of education
  • gain a competitive advantage in attracting students
  • continue to offer their faculty a full range of titles and content
  • maximize IT investment with seamless access for students and faculty

Customized Solutions

includED boasts both flexibility and scalability, allowing your institution to implement the model that works best for your needs.


This model allows you to apply includED to the courses that need it most. It delivers the materials to students for specifically targeted courses and remains flexible enough for you to add or remove courses from the program as needed.


This model allows you to apply includED to individual students across all of their classes. As always, it is fully scalable and can cover your entire student body, or only target students or departments who need it most.

Seamless Integration and Access

Follett's proprietary ConnectOnce technology communicates with your LMS and SIS. It's how includED can deliver to registered students as soon as your faculty adopts. It also helps your students manage their digital materials from one simple point of contact. And best of all, you don't have to do anything. Our experts will tailor it to work with your existing systems.

Follett takes the access you grant us to your systems very seriously. We only obtain the minimum amount of limited data (student name, user ID, email address) needed to deliver the right course materials to each student. We do not save, share or use that data for any other purpose.


of college students don't purchase all required materials due to costs.


of faculty surveyed think students with the course materials do better in class than those without.


of college students would prefer their course materials provided as part of a single fee in their tuition.

It's time to get Follett smart.
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