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The primary purpose of the Foundation is to provide assistance and help to team members and their families who face financial pressures resulting from the impact of natural disasters or unavoidable life-changing events.

Yes.  In addition to information shared during an annual fund awareness and contribution fundraising drive, the Foundation committee will prepare and distribute a Foundation Annual Report and provide information on this site. No individual information will be shared without permission from the grant recipient.

Follett offers a company-paid Employee Assistance benefit, Follett Worklife Solutions. For more information or to get help, call 1-877-809-3145. You can also visit 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Follett’s ID is FLT721.

All pledge money will be deducted from your weekly or biweekly paycheck.  Please login to ESS and click on the “Follett Team Member Foundation Contribute” tab to get started. Note: Bookmasters team members should contact Human Resources to initiate payroll contributions.

The minimum donation through payroll deduction is $1 per pay period.  There is no maximum as long as the contribution amount does not exceed your net pay. Team members can also make one-time donations to the Foundation of any amount.

Depending on when you make the request (if it is in the middle of a pay period, for example), it may take up to three weeks for the deductions to start and appear on your paycheck.

Yes, you can discontinue your pledge at any time. Please login to ESS, click on the “Follett Team Member Foundation Contribute” tab and select the option to cancel your ongoing contribution. If you make this selection in the middle of the pay period it may take a few weeks to drop off your paycheck. Note: Bookmasters team members should contact Human Resources to discontinue payroll contributions.

Yes, mail your contribution check payable to the "Follett Team Member Foundation" to:

Follett Team Member Foundation
2550 West Tyvola Road
Suite 350
Charlotte, NC 28217

Yes. As with all payroll documentation matters, this information will be held in the strictest of confidence.

No. A contribution cannot be refunded once is has been deducted from your paycheck.

Yes. During New Hire Orientation meetings team members will be given the opportunity to donate.

The Foundation is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Contributions to the Foundation are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law.

No, but the contributions you make to the Foundation will be summarized and appear on your Follett year-end W-2 statement and can be used for your tax filings.

Team members should not use the Follett Matching Gift Program for contributions to the Follett Team Member Foundation.  Follett Corporation will make an annual contribution to the Follett Team Member Fund, the amount of which will be determined based on foundation need and company performance. 

Click on the Request Assistance tab to download the Foundation Financial Assistance Form. Once completed return to

You’ll need to provide the reason for your request, details about your financial situation and any relevant invoices and receipts.  This information is necessary to help the committee determine the level of financial need of each team member who applies for a grant.

Yes. Your eligibility is not dependent on your contributions to the Foundation.

Every case is different and evaluated based on the particular circumstances.

A core committee of team members from Follett review and consider every application. This committee determines the financial need of each applicant, and if a grant is warranted, sets the amount of the grant. 

Confidentiality of grant request Information is maintained by the Foundation committee.  While up to eight team members will be tasked with reviewing grant requests, only two will have access to completed forms that include names.  Upon receipt of grant requests and prior to committee review, the committee’s HR representative and/or the committee chairman replaces the names on each request with a number.  In addition, the committee’s HR representative will also summarize grant requests in the event the request contains information that would identify the team member.

Team members who are approved for Foundation support should receive the grant within two weeks after approval.

You’ll get a physical check mailed to your home (unless other arrangements have been made).

No.  Team members who receive grants and continue to experience financial hardship tied to the original event or a future unrelated event are encouraged to apply for additional foundation support.

No.  Grants are not taxable – team members do not have to pay income tax on financial support provided by the foundation.  Also, grant amounts are not included in the gross pay of team members who receive support. 

A grant request must be for expenses that are unusual, not able to be foreseen or planned for, and not covered by insurance or other eligible assistance.  Here are some examples of qualifying events:

•    Fire, flood or natural disaster 
•    Non-routine medical expense
•    Serious illness or injury
•    Death of team member or eligible dependent 
•    Violent crime
•    Other undue hardship not caused by the team member

In evaluating each request, we consider the impact on you and your family based on your financial situation and need.

Examples of expenses that would not qualify for a Foundation grant include:

-Ongoing general personal financial problems not related to a qualifying event or disaster that result in unpaid bills, wage garnishments, disconnection notices or eviction notices.

-Income replacement payments, such as payment of lost wages or unemployment compensation.

All Follett full-time and part-time team members. Temporary, Union and Contract employees are not eligible.

Yes. The application form provides an area to include the financial information necessary to qualify for a grant.

No, each situation is unique and reviews take into account the specific factors and needs of each request.  Generally, however, team members with the financial wherewithal to navigate a crisis are less likely to receive support than team members who are experiencing financial hardship.

Yes. However, the overall ability of this Foundation to support team members in need will be greater if each team member contributes.

No, all past contributions made to the Baker & Taylor Foundation will be used exclusively for Baker & Taylor team members until that fund is exhausted. At that time, all team members (Follett and Baker & Taylor) will be drawing from the new Follett Team Member Foundation.

Your payroll contribution will continue as it does now. However, all future contributions will be directed to the new Follett Team Member Foundation.

You can discontinue your pledge at any time. Login to ESS, click on the “Follett Team Member Foundation Contribute” tab and select the option to cancel your ongoing contribution. If you make this selection in the middle of the pay period it may take a few weeks to drop off your paycheck. Note: Bookmasters team members should contact Human Resources.

You can’t designate future funds specifically for Baker & Taylor. As part of the larger Follett Foundation, Baker & Taylor team members will have access to an even greater pool of funds that includes contributions from Follett and B&T team members as well as contributions from Follett Corporation.

The Jean Srnecz Memorial grant funds have transferred to the Follett Educational Foundation where the two $3,000 scholarships will remain available for B&T team members each year in the future.  B&T team members who would like to continue contributing to the Jean Srnecz Memorial grant funds may do so through direct donations to the Follett Educational Foundation at