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Follett has been helping faculty and students with their course materials for more than 140 years.

We've remained the industry leader by dedicating ourselves to innovation and technology, customer service, and above all else, student success. And as the adoption and acquisition of course materials continues to evolve, we will be there, at the forefront, bringing technology to campuses that is easy to implement and beneficial for everyone. Find out what Follett Discover can do for your campus today.

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It's an easy process:
1. You assign IT representatives from your campus (typically, whomever is responsible for oversight and administration of your LMS/SIS).
2. Your IT representatives will be assigned a Follett implementation engineer who will provide you and your IT representatives with a Follett Discover project plan.
3. Your assigned implementation engineer will hold a 'kick off' call with your IT representatives to walk through the full project plan, answer any questions, and determine the optimal implementation solution/connection for your campus.
4. Follett provides the necessary connections/tools to your staff.
5. Campus IT staff implements as determined per final project plan (typically takes between 3 - 8 hours work).
No. We pride ourselves on seamless integration with your existing LMS and SIS. We will tailor each Follett Discover product to work with what you have. You just sign up and we'll do the rest.
We pride ourselves on customer service. As part of your campus store services, you have a dedicated store manager who will be your regular contact for anything you need - no talking to a different person each time you call. Along with that, customer service is of course available 24/7/365.
You won't need to. Change is always hard for folks, but your faculty doesn't live in a vacuum. Once word gets out from the early adopters about how much more robust their course material research is and how much easier adoption is, they'll come around. We will also support you with instructional materials to help faculty get started and send emails to remind/encourage them to start the process.
Follett Discover can't cure procrastination. It can however, help make the adoption process thrive in spite of it. Because researching materials, getting peer reviews and joining online discussions is all right there in one place, waiting until the last minute doesn't mean your faculty will simply do what they did last year since they are out of time. They can discover more kinds of materials in less time so that even the procrastinators will have the time to dig deeper into potential options for their courses.
Follett Discover makes it easier than ever for students to get materials for all of their courses in one online destination. It also helps guarantee the students get the proper edition of each text and since the materials are provided by your Follett campus store, the ecommerce site leverages Follett's endless aisle of merchandise across North America. Simply said: the right materials, always in stock.
The course material information is available to students online as soon as the faculty adopts it. More importantly, that information stays up and online for the duration of the term. If a student needs to postpone purchase or rental until later in the term, the information will still be there for them when they need it.
Also, since Follett Discover makes it easy for faculty to research and adopt non-traditional materials like YouTube videos, OERs and MOOC content, students will not solely be relying on textbooks for resources.
It doesn't. There are no guarantees. As an institution, all you can do is prepare your students for success. Access to more diverse and interesting materials helps increase your faculty's enthusiasm. The ease of getting the materials helps your students be prepared to learn on the first day of classes. Follett Discover makes it easier for you to prepare your students to succeed.